Phở79 is a casual service restaurant that is known for their top quality Vietnamese family phở recipe. Our restaurant is focused on providing healthy, amazing tasting food, at an incredible value.

Phở is a Vietnamese beef noodle soup, topped with a variety of toppings and is traditionally garnished with onions and cilantro.  It is also generally served with a side of beansprouts, basil, lime and jalapenos.  If that isn’t enough, there generally are two types of sauces that you can add to tweak the broth to your tasting. Sriracha, if you want your broth spicy or Hoisin, if you want to sweeten it.

Our broth is made fresh everyday and can include virtually any kind of toppings:  brisket, tripe, tendons, chicken, pork, and even seafood or vegetables… When served with rare lean beef, the beef is usually left raw, for the broth will cook it to a medium well when we pour it on top.

Our restaurant has two sizes: Regular and Large (Extra Noodles)